Why Faith Financial

InvestWords2014Without knowing it, right now, your hard earned money may very well own shares of companies that are involved in the abortion, pornography industries, as well as in companies whose policies and donations support radical gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender organizations.

Faith Financial utilizes several screening services to screen your portfolio

We can then help you re-allocate your investments to help meet not only your financial goals, but reflect your faith, as well.

There is never a cost or obligation for an initial consultation. Our job is to help you know what we know, so that you are in the position to make the best decisions about how to handled your money in a way that would honor God.

Faith Financial Planners of Maryland, Inc.
Mission Statement

Faith Financial Planners is a Christian financial planning firm that offers Retirement Planning, IRA's, Roth's, Coverdells, Individual Transactions or Complete Financial Plans, Direct Mutual Funds, Professionally, Actively Managed Stock and Mutual Fund Accounts that are Christian Values Screened. We also offer insurance products, such as life, disability, and long-term care insurance as well as fixed and variable annuities.

We believe that all we have is a gift from God and that as Christians we are called to invest in a way that is Biblically responsible. We utilize third party screening services that allows us to make sure, to the greatest extent possible, that our clients don't own shares of companies involved in the abortion, pornography, etc. industries or in companies whose policies and donations support radical gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender organizations.

We serve Christians who desire to develop a financial plan and invest in a way that is consistent with their Christian faith.

We exist to serve God and our clients by helping them be the very best stewards of the gifts God has entrusted to them. Our business model is based on Academic Integrity, Product Neutrality, Values and Faith. We believe that our financial planning practice is in many ways a ministry, helping people reflect their Christian values in their investment decisions.

Clients can expect that our recommendations are based on the client's needs and goals, their risk tolerance and overall comfort level. We are independent advisors and have no proprietary products therefore we are never required to offer or sell a specific product. Our recommendations and suggestions will always be based on the client's well being. We will always disclose how we are paid. We believe that if we always focus on God's will and what is right for the client that God will honor that and in turn provide for us.

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